August 20, 2019

TRUE X Linksoul Knit Shoe Review: Don’t Miss The Limited-Edition Collaboration!

Two of my favorite brands, Linksoul, and TRUE Linkswear, have gotten together for a limited-edition shoe collaboration called The Linksoul True Knits. TRUE Linkswear has had a ton of success with their crossover golf shoes, the Knits. I’ve worn them for more than a year now, and as we wrote, they make a great warm-weather casual shoe that can be worn on and off the golf course.

The Linksoul True Knits features some of Linksoul’s original design elements blended with the comfort and style that TRUE Linkswear fans have come to love.

What Are The Knits?

If you are not familiar with The Knits, they were released in 2019. They are a lightweight, breathable, and comfortable crossover shoe that taps into many of the design trends you see in other footwear brands, but applied to the golf world.

The TRUE Knits have plenty of support in the sole and tread on the bottom to make them appropriate for a round of golf. I’ve found myself wearing them pretty much everywhere else when the weather gets warmer. They have all but replaced my beloved Reef sandals in the summer.

linksouldier knit review

The limited-edition release is available in Army green and has a few subtle design features that Linksoul injected. The insoles feature original artwork from Linksoul’s co-founder Geoff Cunningham.

linksoul knits

Towards the heel, you’ll also see the Linksoul sergeant logo.

linksouldier shoe

Lastly, if you look closely, “Make Par / Not War” is stamped into both of the heel tabs, which is Linkoul’s official brand saying.

If you’re a fan of both companies like me, you’ll be quite pleased with the shoe’s comfort and design.

You can purchase the Linksoul True Knits here – they are a limited release so once they sell out, they will not be restocked!

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