August 21, 2019

Weight Shift is Critical for Power

If you don’t shift your weight back in your backswing and then forward during your transition, you are robbing yourself of power and performance. If you get it right, you can generate more hip and shoulder rotation (for power) and the correct angle of impact (for performance and consistency). In other words, weight shift creates the ideal swing for your driver, woods, hybrids and irons. A recent Rotary Swing Blog reminded us why this is so critical.

BACK SWING: If you don’t allow your weight to shift slightly to your trailing leg during your backswing, it will limit your hip rotation. Don’t depend on only using your spine rotation for power or you will eventually ruin your back. By shifting your weight to your trailing leg it is much easier to rotate your hip AND spine.

Keep more weight on your trailing leg during your backswing and shift the weight to your leading leg as you blast off with your downswing through impact.

As you near the transition at the top of your swing, allow your wrists to cock and create a 90 degree lag angle. You need that extra time in your backswing to allow for all 4 components to connect in SEQUENTIAL UNISON. You may want to count “1, 2” to slow down your backswing like Ernie Els:
1/ your weight shifts to your trailing leg as your straight arm starts your backswing.
2/ allowing your hips to rotate
3/ as your spine continues your coiling rotation
4/ and your wrists cock. [Without wrist lag, you will lose at least 30% of your distance.]

DOWN SWING: Your power only comes from the acceleration of your club head as you uncoil and finally release your wrist lag at the bottom of your swing through impact. You may want to count “3” as you complete your downswing in this sequence:
1/ During your transition (at the top), your arm direction changes as your weight shifts from your trailing leg to your leading leg.
2/ as your hips and then shoulders uncoil and then your arms start your downswing
3/ and your wrist lag releases at the bottom of your swing through impact with your ball.

Are You Falling Back and Topping Your Ball or Hitting it Fat?
For golfers who can’t complete their forward weight shift during the transition, you may want to
START AND END your swing with pressure on your leading leg. That will definitely help you power your irons down through your ball [FIRST] for a more consistent impact with the ball so that you avoid falling back DURING your downswing [HITTING FAT SHOTS]. Unfortunately holding pressure on your leading foot limits your ability to rotate your hip and spine in your backswing so it limits your power and distance. [But it better to make a clean hit and getting your ball in the air.]

Your swing should be completed with the cadence of an accelerating dance step using the rhythm of 1,2-3. Each of the steps melt together as you power your swing up your target line to a balanced pose. Practice with GOLFSTR+ to feel the power and consistency of your release. Buy one today at


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