December 13, 2019

WRX Spotlight Review: 2020 Cobra SpeedZone drivers

Recently, we penned our launch feature on the 2020 Cobra Driver offerings: the SpeedZone and SpeedZone Xtreme. The design of both drivers is based on optimizing six unique characteristics, which will result in improved performance and feel. This includes a milled face, carbon wrapped crown, and what they are calling a “strength zone,” places where their engineers have removed unnecessary weight, redistributing it. Like other major manufacturers, the line features two different drivers geared towards players who either wish to reduce spin (SpeedZone) or players looking to maintain or even add spin (SpeedZone Xtreme). The MAP for the drivers is $449, and like always Cobra offers a plethora of shafts options at no extra charge.

But the real question is how good are these drivers? In an impartial trial, we recruited two players to test the SpeedZone and SpeedZone Xtreme versus their current driver. Each participant hit balls until they were warmed up and then hit 10 balls on Trackman with their driver and then 10 balls with the Cobra SpeedZone Driver. During testing the launch angles and spin rates where very similar for both players with both clubs.

Participant 1: Mid 20s player, former competitive golfer with an index of 8.4. Current driver is 9.0-degree Titleist D2 with S-flex Even Flow. He tested his current driver versus a SpeedZone with an X-stiff Rogue shaft.

Results: On average with his current driver, Participant 1 averaged 249 carry distance with a best of 260.7. With the SpeedZone, Participant 1 picked up an average of 7 yards of carry, going from 249 to 256 and his personal best increased by 14 yards to 274.7.

Quote from Participant 1: “I was immediately comfortable with the club because it has a shape very similar to my Titleist (pear and pretty classic looking). In terms of performance, I was impressed; the club has a massive sweet spot that really helped me on off-center hits.”

Participant 2: 17-year-old, top 100 Junior Golf Scoreboard with an index of +1.3. Current driver is a TaylorMade M6 9.0 with Accra TZ shaft. He tested his current driver versus a SpeedZone with a hazardous Smoke shaft.

Results: On average with his current driver, he was 248 carry with a best of 268. When he put in the SZ, his misses were much tighter together. His worst miss was 243 carry and his best was 276. On average with the SZ, he had a carry average of 264.3.

Quote from Participant 2: “I think that Cobra might have a stigma amongst the best players. When I was asked to do this, I was tentative, but I can honestly say that I was really impressed with not only the performance but also the feel. I really liked the milled face.”