December 19, 2019

A Look at Golf Pride’s Fall 2019 Golf Grips

My shoulder pain is gone, except when I move my arm(s) too far in certain directions.  So on a daily basis I’m pain free for the most part.  But when awesome golf gear comes in for review and testing, I feel another pain.  The pain of knowing I can’t make a real swing probably until sometime in 2020.  Case in point is yesterday’s package from Golf Pride. Check out the Fall 2019 offerings:

The TourWrap grips (right two) are soft but still provide a ton of gripping power. Sizing comes in standard and midsize.  I go midsize to help prevent golfer’s elbow/tennis elbow.

The Pro Only putter grips grips look and feel sweet.  After trying all three, the Green Star (largest one on right in the photo) is the ticket for me.  I know I’ll be deadly with it, if I ever golf again.