February 15, 2020

Dear Reader,

Dear Reader,

The reason I started MyGolfSpy is because golf magazines were always telling you and me the exact same story.

The story was…every new club that came out was better than the last. Those ads made me sick. They made me sick because they weren’t true. Unlike other industries there were no checks and balances in golf. They could and did say whatever they wanted and the consumer believed them.  NO fact checking, just the same claims. This infuriated me, as I watched you, the golfer, continuously get duped.

When I started the process of testing golf equipment, it proved lots of these claims were a bunch of BS. You can imagine, these big golf companies didn’t like your access to factual information. They continuously tried to take down MYGOLFSPY: legal letters, harassing phone calls, even some inside attacks on the site.

With your help, the industry is changing. Facts are finally becoming more important than advertisements. Testing reigns over claims.  Let’s keep it that way.  To make sure we do that, let’s keep pushing. You are what allows us to get where we can get. You are the reason we do what we do. It’s up to you.

Our mission isn’t over, let’s keep this information open for the foreseeable future and for all golfers.

By supporting our unbiased testing we can do just that.

Adam Beach

Support Unbiased Testing.

Our job is your game.

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