February 15, 2020

Eddie Pepperell reveals what "really annoys" him

Eddie Pepperell is always good for a funny one-liner.

Stick a microphone or a keyboard in front of the Englishman and you can almost rest assured that something funny will surely follow.

So, when the European Tour team approached him to find out which golf terms annoy him the most, they must have known that a little slice of gold was incoming.

• Verdict reached in golfer’s prostitution case

• Check out Tiger’s stunning, pricey Rolex

• Win a round with Greg Norman

Sure enough, so it proved.

Watch this vid…

If you look closely, you can see his tongue is, quite clearly, very much in his cheek.

Some people, however, didn’t get it. For example…

Pepperell Tweeter

And this…

Oh dear!

If, unlike these chaps, you do get Eddie’s humour (and enjoy it), you might like this or, indeed, this.

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