May 28, 2020

The Best Spikeless Golf Shoes for 2020

2020 Spikeless Shoe Buyer’s Guide

This is the best crop of spikeless golf shoes we’ve ever tested. By plenty.

While ever-improving technology and fierce competition make our job a little harder, it also means that there’s never been a better time for you to buy spikeless golf shoes.

Not long ago, choosing spikeless meant choosing to compromise, but those days are over. The best spikeless golf shoes for 2020 don’t require golfers to trade comfort for stability or value for style. You can still go from the office to the golf course, but the spikeless category is about so much more than versatility. Any of the shoes in our top 10 will give you just about everything you could want from a golf shoe.

Spikeless Shoe Features That Matter


Like any footwear–heck, any apparel, for that matter–the most significant factor is proper sizing. Many brands offer half sizes and multip width options along with various support features. Don’t get seduced by appearance or brand name. With plenty of choices available, you are sure to find the combination of comfort and style you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for the most comfortable shoe, try the New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL. Other shoes that rival the Fresh Foam’s comfort are the Skechers Go Golf Elite 4 and the Inesis Dry Grip and Waterproof models.


This has been the proverbial millstone around spikeless shoes from their inception. True or not, the perception is that spikeless shoes do not offer significant traction. And while that’s generally true in wet conditions, the best spikeless shoes for 2020 maintain their grip even when the course is soft.

If all-weather traction is your main concern, try the Inesis Waterproof or the Adidas Codechaos. For those who want solid traction and minimal movement, consider the Under Armour HOVR Show Sl GTX.


Spikeless designs tend to be less stable than traditional spiked shoes. It’s not unintentional, as the purpose of early spikeless shoes was to allow more freedom of movement as well as increased comfort. That being said, while the ideal level of stability varies among golfers, a shoe should never be so unstable that your foot spills over the edge of the footbed.

As the spikeless shoe has grown in popularity, the need to marry the lifestyle design of spikeless shoes with more traditional shoe elements has emerged. As a result, we’re seeing more options designed around greater stability. In doing so, you often lose a bit of the casual gym shoe look. It’s a small price to pay for spikeless options that offer the stability of a traditional golf shoe.

Golfers seeking the ultimate in stability should consider the Under Armour Hovr Show Sl GTX and Footjoy Pro SL Carbon. The Inesis Waterproof is also an excellent choice.

EXPERT TIP – Are You Looking for Increased Breathability?

Golfers looking for increased breathability should consider designs with a “knit” textile upper. Not only are shoes like the Adidas S2G breathable and lightweight, but most are fully waterproof despite the mesh-like material.


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While BOA/DISC offerings are less common in spikeless designs, shoes with these closure systems often fit differently than the laced versions. If the laced model doesn’t feel quite right, it’s worth trying the BOA/DISC closure system if it’s available, but be ready to pay for it.

More Tips

  • Not everyone needs a ton of stability in a golf shoe. Try different shoe designs to determine what level of stability works best for you.
  • If you find that you want or need maximum stability, look for designs with “cage technology” in the mid-foot section. It’s common in traditional spiked shoes but companies have begun adding stability-enhancing components to their spikeless designs.
  • Depending on the manufacture, sizes can vary. If you can’t try them on, check the company’s sizing sheet to ensure you get the size you need.
  • Whether you choose spiked or spikeless, have your foot measured to ensure you’re buying the proper size.
  • To play your best you need to be grounded. A shoe that doesn’t provide proper traction is going to cost you strokes.
  • In general, spikeless shoes are easier on turf than the more aggressively spiked shoes. If you want your superintendent to love you, go spikeless.

Best for Traction – Inesis Waterproof

If traction is your number one priority, the Inesis Waterproof shoe is a fantastic and economical option. No matter how hard you swing the Waterproof keeps you in place, rain or shine. As with most Inesis shoes, they’re insanely comfortable, and at only $79.99, they offer plenty of value as well.

Best Spikeless Shoes of 2020 – FAQ

Q: How much should I spend on a shoe? 

A: While it’s possible to find a well-designed, fully featured golf shoe for around $80, the majority of top performers sell for around $150. Golfers who play just a few times a year may be able to find a suitable option for less. Never skimp on comfort to save a buck.

Q: What is the main feature I should look for when buying a spikeless shoe?

A: Comfort is by far the most important factor, followed by traction. Stability is also an important consideration but different golfers require different levels of stability. Only after you have those three considerations covered should style factor into the decision.

Q: Is BOA/DISC technology better than laces?

A: Use of BOA and DISC technology is less prevalent in spikeless designs. Some golfers prefer modern closure systems to traditional laces but it’s certainly not a universal preference. Users of BOA and DISC report a tendency for their shoes to loosen throughout a round. Although it’s not a big deal to re-tighten, who wants to worry about it? Also consider that if a shoelace breaks, it’s easily replaceable, whereas warranty replacements for other closure systems can take some time.

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