June 8, 2020

The Best Spiked Shoes for 2020


MyGolfSpy’s top-rated spiked shoes for 2020?

adidas and Under Armour.

There you go. There’s your Buyer’s Guide.

(Just kidding. We’ll share some science if for no other reason than to justify our existence.)

If you think golf shoes are an accessory rather than an essential piece of equipment, consider this: Studies from FootJoy have shown that wearing the correct shoe can increase your swing speed by three miles per hour. Stability, traction and comfort combine to create the anchor that grounds you during a shot.

Not all that long ago, we saw a handful of companies battle it out for the No. 1 position. For 2020, however, adidas and Under Armour have commandeered all top five spots in the Best Spiked Shoe Buyer’s Guide. Both companies achieved what we considered darned near perfect balance across all testing metrics.

But if the kicks in the top five don’t suit you, all of the shoes in our top 10 performed well and are worthy of consideration.

Best For Stability – Under Armour Spieth 4

The Under Amour Spieth 4 earns the number one spot in the stability category. The Spieth 4s keeps your foot locked in place, while its wider sole helps prevent your foot from spilling over the shoe. One of the focal points in designing the shoe was to encourage golfers to use the ground to enhance their shot. Top-quality traction allows a golfer to dig into the earth and use it to their advantage.

Spiked Shoe Features That Matter


Comfort should be the top priority no matter which shoe you’re considering. It’s important to understand that comfort starts with proper sizing. If you’re not wearing the correct size, you’re sacrificing comfort – and performance.

If you’re looking for the most comfortable shoe, try the New Balance Fresh Foam LinksPro. Other shoes that rival the Fresh Foam’s comfort are the adidas Tour 360 XT PX and the Skechers Torque-Twist.


Seldom is a quality golf shot preceded by a slip. Not all spiked shoe soles are created equal. Some designs provide significantly better traction than others. If you play in wet conditions often, this should be integral to your shoe decision.

If all-weather traction is your main concern, try the Under Armour Spieth 4 or the adidas Tour 360 XT.

DIY Spikes

Did you know that you can turn any regular shoe into a golf shoe? GolfKicks spikes screw into any shoe, allowing you to merge your everyday style with traction on the course.


You don’t want your foot vulnerable to slippage and spillover but you still want some freedom of movement. A perfectly stable shoe should consist of a molded heel cup along with structured mid-sole support. Weight distribution is also important during your swing. The right amount of foot freedom (lateral movement) is necessary to achieve correct weight distribution.

Golfers seeking the ultimate in stability should consider the Under Armour Spieth 4 and adidas Tour 360 XT. The FootJoy Tour X is also an excellent choice.

Expert Tips

  • Not everyone needs the most stable golf shoe on the market. Try on different shoe designs to determine what level of stability works best for you.
  • If you require more stability, look for designs with some form of wrap technology in the mid-foot section to help keep you anchored in your shoe.
  • If something doesn’t feel quite right in an otherwise comfortable shoe, it may be worth trying the BOA/DISC alternative if offered. These closure systems often increase the cost of the shoe.
  • While style preferences will vary among golfers, comfort is an absolute. Don’t sacrifice it for any reason.
  • Have your foot measured to ensure you’re buying the proper size.


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Shape of Innovation – Sqairz Arrow

The Sqairz Arrow unique toebox will get you noticed on the course. Like its name suggests, the Sqairz has a square toe. The theory is the square toe helps golfers align properly over the ball. The Arrow’s wider toe box allows your foot to lay flat which Squairz says encourages the correct amount of lateral movement. The shoe runs 1/2 size big, but with the right size, comfort, and stability increase making it a shoe to consider…if you can get past the shape.

Best Spiked Shoes of 2020 – FAQ

Q: How much should I spend on a shoe? 

A: It’s possible to find well-designed, fully featured golf shoes for around $105. That said, the majority of top performers, including our choice for Best Stability, are closer to $200. As with anything else, your frequency of play should factor in the decision. Golfers who play just a few times a year may be able to find a suitable offering for less. Just don’t skimp on comfort to save a buck.

Q: Do I need to buy golf shoes? Can I play golf in regular shoes?

A: You can. But the correct footwear will contribute to your game. If you’re not playing for score, you can transform any shoe into a spiked golf shoe with screw-in spikes called GolfKicks. Discuss among yourselves.

Q: Is BOA/DISC technology better than laces?

A: Some golfers prefer these modern closure systems to traditional laces but it’s certainly not a universal preference. Users of BOA and DISC report a tendency for their shoes to loosen during a round and while it’s not a big deal to re-tighten, it can be an annoyance. Also consider that if a shoelace breaks, it’s easily replaceable whereas warranty replacements for other closure systems can take time.

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