July 28, 2020

First Look: Honma TR20 Driver

I’ve recently started hitting the beautiful looking new Honma TR20 driver. The TR20 is Honma’s “Tour Release” line.  The line is designed to perform up to the high standards of PGA Tour pros, but still be playable for amateur golfers.

The TR20 is a titanium face driver with maximum carbon in the body, which is assembled on a minimal titanium frame.

The driver comes with three adjustable weights as well as an adjustable non-rotating hosel system.

The base models come in lofts of 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 and each can be adjusted up or down by one degree through the hosel adjustment system.

I’m back in the game following shoulder surgery and I’ve had a few range sessions with the TR20.  I’m dialing in the settings and getting used to it.  I’l be putting it in play this weekend. After I’ve had enough rounds to formulate some solid takes, I’ll be posting a full review.  Stay tuned.

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