September 14, 2020

Best Golf Rain Gear of 2020


The best golf rain gear continues to advance and improve in all facets: better flexibility, better waterproofing and, most importantly, better comfort. As a result, this is the toughest test we’ve had in the rain gear department to date. That said, there are a few secrets that made the best rain gear rise to the top.

Golf rain gear is expensive but if you buy the right one, you have it for life, as long as you take care of it. However, if you’re a baller on a budget, some offerings in this year’s test have you covered. Literally.

With all the choices, finding the best golf rain gear can be a bit overwhelming. That’s where we come in. We tested the top rain suits to ensure you have the best information available when it comes time to buy.

Whether you’re looking to buy golf rain gear today, buying advice to get started or just want a closer look at what’s on the market, this guide will help you find the right golf rain gear to fit your needs.

Best Golf Rain Gear - Kjus



There’s golf rain gear for every climate. Those made for cooler climates trap body heat to keep you warm while others employ vents to keep it breezy. It’s personal preference but keep your climate in mind. Do you find yourself in humidity or freezing rain? That distinction can make a difference when it comes to choosing the right golf rain gear.

If you want a rain jacket with half sleeves, the KJUS Dexter 2.5L Troyer provides ultimate breathability. Golfers who want a full rain jacket should consider linksoul Polartec and KJUS Dexter 2.5L Half Zip.


Golfers come in all shapes and sizes. Fit preferences and sizing differ from region to region. Some companies cater to golfers who like the tailored or European fit. Other brands provide a more generous fit. It’s a fine line between a suit that gives you a little extra room to move and one that crosses into baggy territory.

Cross-Sportswear Hurricane is the best for those who like the a tailored fit. Those who like it narrow but don’t want to show your dinner belly should look into KJUS Pro 3L 2.0.


Unrestricted movement is critical to the golf swing and that can be a fatal flaw with some designs. Our favorites are fitted (almost tailored) while providing enough stretch to create a second-skin feel while, at the same time, keeping you dry and warm. If a rain suit doesn’t allow you to swing normally, no matter how good the weather protection, it’s doing more harm than good.

During your swing, your back flexes along with your shoulders. Linksoul Polatec, KJUS Pro 3l 2.0 and KJUS Dexter 2.5L Half Zip all allow the right amount of feel during the swing.


Staying dry when playing golf in wet conditions is pretty much the entire point of owning rain gear. For the most part, all of the rain suits we tested are water-resistant but only a few are truly waterproof. Others absorb water, allowing the underlayers (your clothes) to get wet. It should go without saying that the best rain suits are 100-percent waterproof.

There are rain suits that the water just beads off and that dry in seconds. Galvin Green ShakeDry, KJUS Pro 3L 2.0 and Cross-Sportswear M Edge are examples of rain suits that performed well in the waterproofing category.

EXPERT TIP – Washing Your Rain Gear Makes A Difference

It’s essential to wash your rain gear after a-round in the rain. Over time, the membrane that keeps the water out will begin to break down, and your rain suit will start taking on water. Regularly wash will help ensure 100% waterproof protection and extend the life of your gear.

Most Comfortable Rain Suit - KJUS Dexter 2.5L Troyer

EXPERT TIP – Avoid Material Bunching Up

When considering your new rain suit, make sure the jacket doesn’t bunch up with excess material as it can interfere with your putting grip/stroke.

More Tips

  • Golf rain gear sizing varies from brand to brand. We recommend trying on the product before buying to get the fit you want. If shopping online, look for retailers that offer free returns.
  • Look for products that offer a waterproof warranty. This could save you money in the long run.
  • The best golf rain gear offers pockets similar to what you’d find in regular pants. Look for golf rain gear with a sensible number of pockets.
  • If you play in conditions that are both wet and cold, consider rain gear that’s lined with Gore-Tex or similar material that will keep you warm as well as dry.
  • Those who play in warm and wet conditions should look for a lightweight and well-vented rain suit with plenty of ventilation to keep you cool.


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How We Test

We’re here to help you find the perfect rain suit to fit your needs.

To do that, we employ a thorough and fully independent testing process that leaves no feature unexplored, no detail unchecked, and no stone unturned.

Our Metrics

Rain suits are tested head to head using rigorous protocols.

The metrics we consider when rating Rain Gear include Waterproofing, Comfort, Fit, and Breathability.

Most Waterproof Rain Suit - KJUS Pro 3L 2.0

Most Waterproof Rain Suit – KJUS Pro 3L 2.0

Nothing is getting through this bad boy. Not only is the material of the KJUS Pro 3L 2.0 extremely waterproof, but the structure of the jacket works to maneuver water away from your hands in a rain storm. The pants have two zippers on each side if you’d like a bit of a breeze from the knee down. The jacket doesn’t bunch and doesn’t interfere with your swing.

What do I need to know about rain gear?

Q: How do I wash my rain gear?

A: Materials vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, which means washing instructions can differ as well. Most quality rain gear aren’t cheap so take the time to read the label to ensure you’re properly caring for your suit.

Q: Can I wear different layers underneath the rain gear?

A: Most golfers wear their rain gear as an additional layer. To keep your swing as free as possible, minimal layering is best. Galway Bay’s offerings are designed to be worn as standalone pants, eliminating the need for more layers. If you are the golfer who can’t stand the cold and relies on layers to stay warm, consider moving up a size or purchasing a suit that runs a bit large.

Q: Why does my golf rain gear absorb water after a year of use?

A: As most golfers are probably aware, over time, most golf rain gear will stop repelling water and start absorbing it. That pretty much defeats the point of wearing it. In some cases, the rain gear just needs to be washed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If that does not work, check the warranty on the product. When all else fails, it’s time for a new rain suit.

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