December 1, 2020

Tony Clark Golf Tips: How to get the perfect grip

According to top coach Tony Clark, without sound fundamentals you simply cannot play your best golf.

The first of those fundamentals is your grip. It’s imperative that your hands are placed on the club in a way that allows every other segment of your swing to work in sequence. If you grip the club incorrectly, you create a chain of actions which hinder your chances of creating a consistent and reliable swing path. “Path is extremely important because correct path ensures you deliver a square clubface to the ball,” says Clark.• “It’s infuriating!” – Scottish golf course hit by vandals• Bryson DeChambeau set himself up to fail, says LowryClark offers a step-by-step guide on how to place your hands on the club, steering you away from an overly strong or weak grip position. By favouring a neutral position at address, you can swing the club freely knowing that your clubface will be square at impact.“You can see I’m going through the routes of my fingers,” says Clark. “For many of you, this will feel quite alien.” Exclusive.. Gordon Sherry Podcast – ‘Tiger still owes me money!’Listen Now…

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If you want to learn more about Clark’s philosophy on the golf swing, head over to his YouTube channel where you’ll find bundles of incredible free content. Clark was born and raised in Liverpool and first introduced to the game of golf in 1972 by a neighbour. Just four years later, Clark began a coaching career under the watchful eye of Jim Large, a well respected and accomplished teaching professional throughout the UK. What started out as a simple love for the game, developed into a passion for innovation. • WATCH: Pro hits 439-yard bomb at Joburg OpenIn 2009, Clark released the PLANEswing, a revolutionary training aid that garnered masses of attention from some of the game’s most respected coaches. Since its inception, the PLANEswing has found its way into countless pro shops and swing studios around the world, cementing its place in golfing history as one of the most important training aids ever created.Find out more at

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