January 6, 2021

Tony Clark Golf Tips: How to create fizz in your shots

There’s nothing sweeter than a ball fizzing off the clubface with piercing speed and accuracy.

It’s a ball flight that seems impossible to achieve without the talent and dedication of a touring professional. But Tony Clark believes this is something we could all capture if we understand the relationship between the clubhead and the ball at impact. The elusive ‘shaft lean’ is often considered the source of solid ball striking, but how do you create that? “Something that has served me well is to understand that the bottom of the ark is beyond the ball,” says Clark. “Only by appreciating that, are you going to get that little fizz and sting through the shot”.• Greg Norman back in hospital after positive COVID test• Golf’s bits to remember from a year to forgetThe lack of fizz can often be attributed to the clubhead making contact with the ground early, with the shaft positioned behind the ball at impact. Clark wants you to focus on this, and only this when you’re trying to change your ball flight. By focusing on one single task, it makes it easier to achieve the desired result. “When you practice swing, try brushing the ground exactly where you expect the ball to be,” says Clark. “You’re going to get to the bottom of the arc by leading with the shaft, and getting extension by clearing your hips”Listen!MVP, SHOT OF THE YEAR, BEST DRESSED AND MORE… IT’S THE 2020 BUNKERED PODCAST AWARDS!

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If you want to learn more about Clark’s philosophy on the golf swing, head over to his YouTube channel where you’ll find bundles of incredible free content. Clark was born and raised in Liverpool and first introduced to the game of golf in 1972 by a neighbour. Just four years later, Clark began a coaching career under the watchful eye of Jim Large, a well respected and accomplished teaching professional throughout the UK. What started out as a simple love for the game, developed into a passion for innovation. • Okay people, you’ve had your fun. Now please let Charlie Woods be a kid.In 2009, Clark released the PLANEswing, a revolutionary training aid that garnered masses of attention from some of the game’s most respected coaches. Since its inception, the PLANEswing has found its way into countless pro shops and swing studios around the world, cementing its place in golfing history as one of the most important training aids ever created.Find out more at planeswing.com

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