February 16, 2021

Proofs that Golf Isn’t for Everyone

Even though some people claim that everyone can play golf, it is far from the case for some notable reasons that keep many even from giving it a try.

Golf is one of those games that are surrounded by myths and rumors. And while some of them may turn out to be trifles, others become a stumbling block. If somebody asks you about your associations with this kind of sport, what would you say? Well, if you have never given it a try, then your knowledge will be based on movies, magazine articles, and the well-known fact that it is one of the favorite games of rich people. In most cases, the latter will play a crucial role here. People perceive it as one of the attributes of a wealthy life. A student who carefully studies essaypro reviews to find a reliable service that will have their back while they will be occupied with an aside job can hardly afford to play golf. They will not even think about it because they subconsciously treat it as something from “the next level life.” And it is not surprising that golf cannot be on equal par with basketball in terms of popularity. Nonetheless, all these cliches are not rootless. For instance, there are four key reasons why golf cannot be suitable for everyone.

It is a time-consuming sport

Most people start playing golf in adulthood, and not every grown-up is ready to devote about four hours per one session to practice their skills. And it is not to mention time that you may need to reach the course and get ready to play. Thus, if you are not a guru of time-management, it can take up a whole day. And if you want to show great results, you should visit the course at least three times per week. Here you can face another challenge – you may give up sooner than you notice any progress.

It can be frustrating for a student to spend a lot of time practicing one element, resort to services like studybay to get their papers done in time, and still see no improvements. And when you have a job and a family, there is no space for such entertainment if you cannot show off with an impressive bank account, of course. Besides, one should remember that golf is an outdoor sport, so you may have to practice when it is raining, and such a pastime doesn’t bring much pleasure. These moments are especially uncomfortable for extroverts since they are used to being surrounded by others, and here they will have to practice alone.

It is a money-consuming sport

Golf is considered a hobby of wealthy men for a reason. It can cost you a pretty penny if you decide to get down to work. And even though they say that a rookie doesn’t need the whole set of equipment, it will not save your wallet from big expenses. Anyway, you will have to get a membership to a course, and it can cost you a fortune already. The price will vary depending on the area, but the minimal price tag will be about $2,000 per year. And if you want to visit a luxury golf club, you will spend about $150,000. You have to purchase a full year membership at once in most golf clubs, so you will lose this money if you decide to quit.

And we haven’t even mentioned the cost of clothing (since you cannot pop in there in your regular shirt and trainers) and equipment. The latter point may require serious expenses since the better quality of a golf club is, the higher the price tag is. And if you want to play this sport professionally, you may need a personal golf coach. Unfortunately, most videos you can come across on the Internet are not enough to improve your skills. And golf lessons are not the cheapest thing in the world too.

It is a technically complicated sport

It is much easier to study in any college than learn how to play golf. Besides, unlike college, where you can always find someone who will have your back, nobody can cope with all the technical moments instead of you. There are no services like scamfighter.net that can suggest whether it is worth asking for help in this or that place. In golf, you have to meet all the challenges alone. And sometimes, it takes years to get the essence and learn all the rules and etiquette. The latter is also important here, so if you want to stand out from the crowd with your hobby, you should be good at it.

Talking about this sport’s technical side, one should know that it may take up to three years to go deep down and learn this game at a decent level. You can speed up this process only if you have lots of time and money to hire a personal couch. Many people give up at the initial stages since this game is one of the most complicated activities.

It is a challenging sport

You will face challenges all the time. You will have to decide between golf and other life spheres to become a pro. Besides, like any other sport, golf demands the presence of talent. Sometimes it is the only thing that will help you move on since it is not enough just to work hard here. Golf may conflict with other areas of your life. If you have a job or study in college, you will have to sacrifice either golf or another activity.

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