April 20, 2021

Report: PGA Tour paying $40m bonus to "most influential pros"

It’s not quite golf’s equivalent of the European Super League – but it’s not a million miles removed from it either.

It is understood that the PGA Tour has launched a lucrative new bonus structure for its players that will reward the game’s top players for driving fan and sponsor engagement. A report by Golfweek says that the scheme, called the Player Impact Program, will see $40million distributed amongst ten players each year in recognition of the “value they add to the overall product” and not just their on-course results. • New study reveals golf’s biggest earner per shot• Work begins on Nicklaus’ new Scottish course• WATCH – Kim suffers brutal luck at RBC HeritageA tour spokesperson told Golfweek that the scheme launched on January 1 this year in order to “recognise and reward players who positively move the needle.”The player who leads the standings at the end of the year will receive a whopping $8million bonus. 

According to Golfweek, the full list of metrics by which players will be judged include their position on the season-ending FedEx Cup points list as well as their popularity in Google Search and their Nielsen Brand Exposure rating, which places a value on the exposure a player delivers to sponsors though the minutes they are featured on broadcasts.• Work begins on Nicklaus’ new Scots course• Scots pro launches new junior foundationAlso taken into account will be players’ Q Rating, which measures the familiarity and appeal of a player’s brand; their MVP Index rating, which calibrates the value of the engagement a player drives across social and digital channels; and their Meltwater Mentions, or the frequency with which a player generates coverage across a range of media platforms.These metrics will then be turned into a so-called ‘Impact Score’ using a tour algorithm. Players will be ranked by their ‘Impact Score’ in order to determine the bonus amount due. It has been reported that this scheme has been devised in a bid to kill off the Premier Golf League, a rival tour bankrolled by Saudi Arabia which has tried to entice some of the game’s biggest names away from the PGA Tour.

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