April 28, 2021

Mizuno 2021 footwear collection – FIRST LOOK!

Mizuno is taking its golf footwear game to the next level with the release of five new models for 2021.

Mizuno has a reputation for producing top-notch running shoes, and for this latest golf shoe line-up, the Japanese brand looked to increase the design influence from its acclaimed running and court shoe departments.• Mizuno ST-Z & ST-X metalwoods – FIRST LOOK!Extreme comfort and ultra-lightweight performance are two key features present across the entire range.

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“Mizuno is in a unique position – widely respected for our running shoes, but unlike other dedicated footwear brands, we also have a passionate following amongst golfers,” said Kate Whitmore, Soft Goods Manager for Mizuno EMEA. • Mizuno unveils three new M.CRAFT puttersShe added: “This deeper footwear line-up features the perfect balance of comfort, looks and the stability needed for an efficient golf swing.”

MIZUNO NEXLITE PRO Headlining this new collection is the premium Nexlite Pro, which delivers the comfort of soft-touch leather, with the support and lightweight ride of an EVA midsole running shoe.  The streamlined looks, a monochrome Runbird logo and the perfectly fitted upper are the result of a centrally placed BOA closure unit. At just 270g per shoe, the Pro will take the weight off both the joints and feet when walking 18 and beyond. 

The Nexlite GS Spiked delivers stability in all conditions, with the support and lightweight ride of an EVA midsole running shoe. A soft-touch fully waterproof Kurary upper is securely fitted with Mizuno’s BOA system. • Inside the Mizuno Tour TruckNEXLITE GS SPIKELESS
The GS’s spikeless counterpart brushes the scales at a featherlight 235g per shoe but once again delivers the support and feel of a Mizuno running shoe. The hard-wearing X10 rubber sole will maintain a grip in all but the wettest conditions.

Nexlite 008 BOAIf it is comfort you seek above all else then this is the model for you. Its breathable mesh upper and durable X10 high-traction sole make it the most comfortable model within Mizuno’s line-up. 

Take it easy with the G-Style. Its subtle styling and spikeless outsole make it the perfect option for those of you who don’t like to change your shoes when transitioning from the course to the clubhouse. Available: Now Prices: Nexlite Pro £139, Nexlite GS Spiked £120, Nexlite GS Spikeless £100, Nexlite 008 BOA £110, G Style: £85

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