June 10, 2021

Four Tips to help you Bet on Golf Successfully

Due to the pandemic, many tournaments were put on hold or postponed. However, most major competitions are back now. Although most courses have welcomed back spectators to watch the games unfold, there is a limited number of people allowed onto each course at one time. Having crowds show up at competitions has helped improve the atmosphere on matchday. 

Although a lot of people still tend to stay indoors to help reduce the spread of Covid-19, gambling on golf from home has become a very popular pastime during these unprecedented times. For those who are new to gambling on golf, we have combined these tips to help you generate some profit. 

1.Before Placing a Bet, Shop Around

With so many online betting sites and online casinos, it might be worth your while shopping around to see who is offering the best odds. It won’t take long for you to surf the web to see which site is providing you the best value for your money. 

Keep an eye out for promotions and discounts. A lot of betting sites like nyerőgépek will give members a free bet coupon or bonuses to entice people to gamble. Gambling sites are constantly trying to get new members to create an account with them, so keep an eye out for new membership bonuses. Some sites will do almost anything for you to join them, so don’t be too surprised if they offer you free money that can be used to gamble with. 

During competitions, especially during major tournaments a lot of people tend to gamble. Casinos and bookies are well aware of this so it is common for them to offer their customers incredible deals. While these tournaments are going on, avoid putting a bet on the first site or bookies you come across. In golf betting, it is not surprising for one betting site to offer 10-1 on a player while another site offers 15-1 for the exact same golfer. Keep an eye out for sites advertising a casino bonus or different promotions.

2.Do some research before you Gamble

Momentum in sports is often underrated. Gambling on a golfer that has been playing well in recent competitions might prove to be fruitful. If you are not sure how players played in recent matches, there is lots of golf content online updated on a regular basis. 

If you have a golfer that you feel will perform well in a tournament, see how they played on the same course previously. Golfers on the PGA tour would have more than likely played on each course in the past, so seeing how they played in previous years can help you a lot. 

Finding out what type of course the competition is on and what the weather forecast is predicting can also help. Some golfers play better on links courses while others don’t. Some golfers struggle to perform in wet and windy conditions, while others thrive in this type of weather. Having all these details can improve your chances of winning when gambling on golf. 

Avoid gambling on your favorite golfer just because you’d like to see him or her winning. 

3.Don’t increase your bet to Cover your Losses

Gambling on golf for recreational betters is very exciting. However, you have to try and keep your head while you are gambling on the sport. A lot of people place another in an attempt to cover their losses. This is where things can get a little messy, especially if you cannot afford to lose more cash. 

Before you start gambling on any sport you should have a limit on the amount of cash you are going to gamble with. This makes it fun, and it won’t turn out to be the end of the world if the player you have bet on is not at the top of the leaderboard near the end of the tournament. If your player isn’t performing as you would have hoped, placing more bets to cover what you have lost can often end in disaster. 

4.Don’t be Afraid to Cash-out

For a golfer to win a 4-day tournament they have to play consistently well on each day. With so many competitors challenging for the top prize, most champions have to play almost a perfect game on each day of the competition. All it takes is one mistake for that player to fall down the leaderboard. Keep in mind that anything can happen in golf. Over the years some of the best golfers the world has ever seen have made rookie mistakes. 

Most online bookies will allow you to cash out before the end of the competition. Although you won’t receive the same amount of money if you had continued with your bet till the end, you will win something. If you feel the player you have gambled on is showing signs of choking, or perhaps they have been playing badly, check to see what the bookies are offering you. If you are happy with the cash-out they are giving you, perhaps it’s best to call it a day and walk away with that cash being offered. 


For those who love the game and have a small understanding of how odds work, it is easy to bet on the sport. If it is your first time placing a bet on golf, do a little homework and start off with a small bet, sit back and enjoy the tournament play out. 

There are plenty of different betting options in golf. Once you get the hang of betting on the outright winner, consider exploring other options available. Other types of betting include in-play bets, prop bets, future bets, betting on the field, etc. If your current bookies don’t provide you with different betting options, consider checking out one of their competitors. 

Remember to bet reasonably. Although gambling on golf can be great fun, remember that it can be extremely addictive. If you think you may have a problem gambling, sites like Gamstop can help you.

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