June 27, 2021

Bettinardi Golf Partners With Miller Lite

  • Bettinardi Golf teams up with Miller Lite to produce co-branded products.
  • Products include putters, head covers, clothing and koozies.
  • Gear releases Tuesday, June 29, at 11 a.m. EST.

In what seems to be their 2021 plan, Bettinardi Golf has announced another new partnership, this time with Miller Lite. This makes the third such partnership this season, adding to the previous collaborations with Malbon Golf and Big League Chew. Obviously, beer and golf have been in a relationship for a while. Still, why did Bettinardi decide to make theirs official with Miller Lite?

Miller Lite has been part of many great memories for my father and I on the golf course. The marriage between Bettinardi Golf and Miller Lite was a home run in our eyes, bringing two great American Midwest brands together for all golfers to enjoy fun, premium products when they play golf with their friends. Miller Lite crafting their beer in the U.S.A. and our golf products being made in the U.S.A. has brought a shared mission of bringing truly premium golf products to life with this limited-edition release, just in time for the 4th of July and summer golf rounds. It’s exciting for fans of both of our companies!

Sam Bettinardi, Vice-President of Bettinardi Golf

Seriously, Who Puts Golf and Beer Together?

Sounds like Sam and Bob Bettinardi have enjoyed a Miller Lite on the golf course before. Have any of you? (Raises hand.) Again, the pairing of a fine malt beverage and golf may not be outside-the-box thinking, yet it might be so obvious a pairing that golf companies have overlooked it. Beer-branded bags are common but products overtly coupling golf companies and brewers are not. As it turns out, this midwestern manufacturing marriage requires no shotgun.

Miller Lite believes in authentic connections and the golf course is an amazing place to bond with close friends for a few hours. With roots in the Midwest, we sought a golf partner who shared similar values and delivered a high-quality, dependable product. The partnership between Bettinardi Golf and Miller Lite is the perfect combination of fun, pride and mission to bring superior quality products when it comes to trusting what you drink and what you play with on the golf course.

Jeff Schulman, Marketing Manager for Miller Lite

Like I said, it’s a natural pairing. Why don’t we check out some of the products that Bettinardi and Miller Lite are rolling out this week?


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Bettinardi and Miller Lite: Soft Goods

Let’s start the cavalcade of gear with the wearables and such. Scrolling through the gallery, you’ll see the expected branded hats and shirts. However, there are also a few rare items in that gallery. If you are in The Hive promptly at 11 a.m. EST on Tuesday, June 29, you will also have a shot at picking up either a co-branded Vessel stand bag or a Bettinardi x Miller Lite mini staff bag. I can’t remember when one of these releases also featured golf bags. Those are rare items and will go quickly and, yes, they will cost some coin.

Another unique product in the release will be a koozie set, perfect for keeping your beer cold and not pounding the pocketbook like the golf bags.

Bettinardi and Miller Lite: Headcovers and Collectible Metal

The Bettinardi and Miller Lite release will feature headcovers for your sticks. Putter covers for blades and mallets will be offered. If covering your putter does not express enough Bettinardi and Miller Lite enthusiasm, you can add three additional covers for your woods.

Now you may be a bit confused as to why the headcovers are blue, not white like the Miller Lite can. Nothing to be confused about. That’s just the neon-inspired motif of the uber-successful “It’s Miller Time” advertising campaign. Should you really want a white Miller Lite putter cover, I’ll share with you how to bag one in just a moment.

Bettinardi metal collectors will no doubt snatch up the Miller Lite-themed ball marker and pitch mark repair tool. The milled bottlecap style of the ball marker fits the theme perfectly. The pitch tool is a little confusing to me, though. It seemed like a prime opportunity to make it a bottle opener. Maybe a church key for the occasional shotgun? Regardless, both are quite handsome and both will be gone in minutes on Tuesday.

Bettinardi and Miller Lite: Putters

Naturally, a partnership between a beer company and a putter company should include a putter. This pairing of Bettinardi and Miller Lite will actually feature two putters.

The first is a Limited BB8-Wide Miller Lite Putter ($750). This putter is made of 303 stainless steel and features Bettinardi’s Micro Honeycomb face. Of course, you’ll also find nods to the partnership with Miller Lite on the putter as the cavity and sole feature the Miller Lite logos. Did you notice the white cover? This is the place to look if you want that white version of the Miller Lite headcover. Near as I can tell, buying this putter is the only way to get the can-inspired white headcover. Don’t be surprised if Bettinardi headcover collectors start offering premium prices for this unicorn.

The second putter is very limited run. So limited that I don’t even have a photo to share. This one is a Limited DASS QB6 1/9 Miller Lite Wizard ($2,300). Yes, that decimal is in the correct position. This run is limited to nine and features unique stylings such as the “nano-engraved ‘Lite’ face milling” and a gold-flamed finish, hopefully intended to mimic the color of a fine pilsner. It will also include a limited Hive version of the blue headcover and a perforated leather Gripmaster grip.

Cheers to Bettinardi Golf and Miller Lite

Beer and golf. That sounds like a fine summer to me. Though some will vow to never mix golf and beer, many will agree that this is a natural pairing. We’ve all been mid-round and, for good or bad reasons, decided that it was in fact Miller Time.

I mentioned that all this gear will be releasing on June 29 at 11 a.m. Eastern. What I didn’t mention is that it will not only be released in The Hive. Some of the products will also be available on the Miller Lite site. They are promoting the release there and you should expect to see the gear in their shop Tuesday as well. Big-ticket items like putters and bags will be Hive-exclusive. However, ShopMillerLite.com may be your secret weapon for grabbing headcovers and metals while others compete in The Hive. Good luck, shoppers!

Get the gear and more info at Bettinardi.com and ShopMillerLite.com.