March 29, 2021

Two Minutes to Better Golf

You have got to try this simple, yet highly effective, exercise! Whilst it’s not as easy as it might appear it can be done ...
March 2, 2021

Make a BIGGER Backswing!

I struggle with this one too! Making a bigger backswing. So many ‘seasoned’ golfers that I have the privilege of working with struggle to ...
January 29, 2021

Get the Face in Place!

The ability to control both the face angle and loft at impact is paramount to playing better golf! This element in the golf swing ...
January 11, 2021

Improve One Thing

My experience as a coach has been that when a golfer sets out to improve one part of their game and they fully commit ...
December 8, 2020

Top Tier Tempo!

In this article I’m going to share three helpful exercises to help you smooth out the tempo of your golf swing. Let’s get the ...
November 9, 2020

Stop the Scoop

Are you tired of putting everything you have into your game, only to see the ball literally limp off the club face after each ...
November 7, 2020

Are you an Ego or Mastery Golfer?

From my experience there are 2 types of golfer – the ego golfer and the mastery golfer. These golfers represent 2 different mindsets and ...